We're your trusted advisors, defining and navigating the solutions for your most important digital initiatives.

The Formula Partners model revolves around the partnership we build with you and your team. We don't just dispense advice, we get our hands dirty, helping you to design achievable solutions to your most complex challenges. We decompose the monolithic into action oriented plans. And we do it all with an eye towards helping you develop robust and enduring organizational capabilities.

We offer a full suite of technology consulting services.

Capital Landscape Analysis

When it comes to identifying the highest-value capital partners, Formula Partners is key. We can help you find the best capital partners in the current market — whether private, venture or institutional.

Competitive Landscape

Use your competition’s experiences to your advantage. Formula Partners can work with you to assess your competitive landscape, allowing you to navigate your environment more strategically — avoiding costly mistakes and implementing advantageous approaches.

Culture Design

Innovation is the heart of a company, and culture is the soul. Formula Partners has culture evaluation and implementation methodologies that can help prepare your organization for long-term, sustainable innovation.

Customer Modeling

How do you define the population of potential customers, and what are their attributes and demographics? Formula Partners has over a decade of identifying and marketing to qualified customers. We will help you model and target the highest value customer personas for your upcoming innovation project.

Cyber Security & Threat Analysis

Cyber security is more critical than ever before. Security threats and legal liabilities are everywhere, and they’re not slowing down. The Formula Partners team can help you implement the optimal cyber security strategy.

Financial Modeling

Financial modeling is a critical component of every project. Formula Partners is here to help, with a deep bench of experienced financial analysts, CPAs and CFOs. We can guide you through developing a robust financial model, and we’ll be there to assess performance against assumptions and additional analytical reporting.

Innovation Center Design

Formula Partners can help you design the right system around your innovative pipeline. We’ll work with you to develop core system components such as team structure, product realization process, and personnel empowerment to ensure the highest-quality environment for your team to innovate at their best.

Market Opportunity Assessment

Whatever your vision, Formula Partners can help bring it into focus. We can lead you through market opportunity assessments, helping you find answers to challenging questions on costs, scaling your business, spending allocation, and more.

Technology Feasibility

As your vision comes to life, decisions need to be made on how to land the best results. We can help with assessing technology feasibility throughout the lifecycle of a project or program, and we’ll use our deep experience in building Agile teams to allocate your resources in the most efficient and cost-effective way. 

Technology Strategy

Once you know where you’re going, how will you get there? Formula Partners can help. We can help you define a technology strategy to aid you in realizing your goals, whatever they may be.

Vendor Accreditation & Assessment

Choosing and managing vendors is challenging, especially in an ecosystem with limitless options. We can assist you in selecting the best vendor for your needs and help you to ensure your current vendors are performing at their best. We provide a retained Vendor Assessment service available on an on-call basis that works to support you and your team.

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